Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

Unfortunately, no matter how careful we are in our homes it is inevitable that overtime your carpet will be subjected to some stains and spills. But luckily these stains do not have to be permanent, if they are dealt with correctly they can often be removed. Although it is always best to call in professional carpet cleaners such as the team at Endeavour Property Services who are experts in carpet cleaning in Auckland. As they are knowledgeable and have the correct tools to remove stains without causing damage to the carpet. Although if you do not have access to professional help, we will cover the most common mistakes made when undertaking do it yourself carpet cleaning and stain removal.

Waiting Too Long Before Cleaning Up a Spill

Undoubtedly the most common carpet cleaning mistake, is putting off the cleaning of stains from the carpet. It is important to clean stains as soon as they are made or noticed, as the longer they are left the deeper into the carpet they soak and the harder they are to remove. Many individuals put off cleaning up carpet stains, as often they occur when entertaining guests or they go unnoticed for some time.  It is best to clean up a hot spill stain before the liquid cools and a cool liquid stain before it is able to dry. Then you have a much better chance at restoring your homes carpets to their former glory.

Rubbing A Stain

Another common mistake when spot cleaning and removing stains from carpets is the method in which people use. It is important to never rub at a stain with a cloth, as the rubbing motion will effectively push the stain deeper into the carpets making it harder to remove. Also from rubbing the carpet it can cause the fibres of the carpet itself to fray, this can cause more damage to the carpet than the stain itself. It is always best to use a blotting or dabbing method to soak up any excess spilled liquid from the carpet.

Not Spot Testing Cleaning Solutions

Often when a spill happens on your homes carpet you are caught off guard, you may rush to find a product to treat the carpet spill. Or even make your own homemade cleaning solution. But often individuals forget to spot test the cleaning solution in an inconspicuous area before cleaning or stain treating.

It is important to spot test any cleaning solutions and allow them to dry before carrying out cleaning. As then if the solution does cause discolouration or damage to the fibres of your carpet it is contained to a less noticeable area of the carpet. Even better is if you have a carpet offcut or sample from when you purchased your carpet as then you can test solutions without having to worry about damaging the carpet in your home.

Often people will reach for any household cleaning product when a carpet stain occurs. They neglect to remember that a majority of home cleaning products may contain bleach or other harsh chemicals that may cause permanent discoloration to the carpet.

Using A Coloured Cloth to Clean Your Carpet

Often when a spill occurs you are flustered and may reach for the first cloth or towel you can see to try and soak up the spill. It is often overlooked that if you clean carpets or soak up spills with a coloured towel, it may cause the dye to run or bleed from the cloth onto your carpet. It is always best to use a clean white cloth or a paper towel to soak up the stain.

Putting Too Much Water on a Stain

Often when a stain occurs on carpet people’s automatic response is to wet the area in order to dilute the stain. But often wetting the area causes more harm than good. As through over wetting the carpet water can soak through the bottom of the carpet and into the underlay or backing. Unfortunately, some of the backing materials can leech out colours or dyes when wet causing stains to the carpet.

Also, when carpet is wet, and then it dries it can cause the carpet to shrink, this can cause the carpet to tear itself up from the floor. Also, it is very hard to get carpet completely dry when the water soaks through into the backing. This can cause mould or mildew to form with is not only unsightly but can be a health concern to your family.

Do-it-yourself carpet cleaners and store hired cleaning machines are more likely to experience these issues. As they are not experienced in the use of machines and do not have the equipment necessary to properly dry out the carpet.

Using Too Much Carpet Shampoo

Another common mistake made is using too much carpet shampoo or not rinsing cleaning products out properly from the carpet. Both are practically inevitable with some wet DIY carpet cleaning approaches. When hiring store carpet cleaning machines such as rug doctors, people often cause more harm than good. As these machines, pump cleaning products and water deep into carpets. They often do not have the capability to dry the carpets, which leads to a build-up of cleaning products and soapy residue, this acts as a magnet for dirt and pet hair. Also, if not dried complexly the carpet and underlay may become mouldy. Also, if carpet is not left to dry completely before moving furniture back onto it, stains can occur off the furniture. Such as the varnish coming of wooden table legs etc. and causing stains.

Putting Off Using Professional Carpet Cleaners

Another common mistake when it comes to carpet cleaning is putting off calling in the professionals. As we often think that calling in the professionals is too expensive, but when you add it up buying carpet cleaning chemicals and hiring in store carpet machines, all adds up and often is a lot less effective at cleaning and stain removal than professional carpet cleaning. After all your carpets are a big investment, and play an important role in both the look and the comfort of your home. So, it is important to invest in protecting them and maintaining a clean and new appearance. As it is a lot cheaper to get regular cleans than to regularly replace your carpet.

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Common Carpet Cleaning Mistakes

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