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3 Steps To Take When Your Furnace Goes Out

Waking up to a cold house is never fun. If your furnace doesn’t seem to be doing the job of keeping your house warm, these are three steps you can take.

1. Make Sure the Furnace Is on

Before you call HVAC companies in Chicago to schedule repairs, first make sure the problem isn’t that your furnace is off. Start by checking the power switch. Some furnaces have a switch on the unit and others have a box on the wall that resembles a light switch. If the switch has been turned off, turn it back on and wait a few minutes to see if that fixes the problem. 

2. Check the Thermostat

Another easy-to-fix culprit could be your thermostat. Someone bumping into it could cause it to reset or a power outage could have caused it to return to default settings. Check to see that the thermostat is set to heat, rather than cool or off. Make sure the fan is switched on and check the temperature setting. If everything is switched on and the temperature setting is at least five degrees above the temperature in your house, move on to the next step.

3. Check Your Circuit Breaker

Even gas furnaces require electricity to operate. Check your circuit breakers to see if any of them are in the off position. If they are, try returning them to the on position and wait a few minutes to see if that fixes the problem. Some furnaces also have a circuit breaker on the unit that may need to be reset. If you reset the breakers and they pop again, do not keep resetting them. You probably have an electrical problem that needs to be fixed.

If the furnace in your home isn’t working properly, these three steps can help you troubleshoot the problem. If you are unable to resolve the problem on your own, contact an HVAC technician in your area. 

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