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Considerations for Designing a Daycare Center

Home-based daycare providers are as popular as ever, offering an opportunity for stay-at-home parents to take care of children while earning income. To operate a daycare business, most licensing agencies require a certain amount of square footage per child. If you’ve been particularly successful and are interested in expanding, you might consider building a center from scratch. Here are things to know.

Age Appropriateness

When it comes to a daycare facility, one size does not fit all. You need to think carefully about the various age groups that will be served. Although daycare is usually intended for toddlers and preschoolers, it often includes before and after-school care for elementary students. The various rooms and features of your facility should be age appropriate. Younger kids require smaller furniture and lower fixtures, for example. Consult a specialist in educational construction to assist you with determining the necessary features for your building.

Clean, Safe Spaces

Your daycare should be a clean, safe space for the kids in your care. Make sure your layout allows caregivers to quickly check on each child. The facility should security features that help protect kids while restricting access to strangers. The various areas should be childproofed appropriately based on age groups. Facilities should be cleaned regularly with products that are safe to use on toys and other materials.

Encouraging Education

Regardless of what age groups you serve, there should always be opportunities for every child to learn. You should be intentional about the type of toys and equipment available at your center. There should be enough learning materials for use without tension. Include equipment that fosters development in various subjects such as reading, math, music and art. It is strongly recommended that you include activities that help promote fine and gross motor skills. Seek to balance social skill development with independence.

You have invested significant energy into building a daycare center. Be intentional about every aspect of planning and design. Your facility should not just be a place for children to spend their day, but rather an environment that prepares them for the next stage of life.

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