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Home Energy Efficiency Basics

Reducing the amount of energy that you use in your home every month can help you realize significant savings, and it will also enable you to live more sustainably. Here are some simple steps that homeowners can take to be more energy efficient.

Use LED Lights

LED light bulbs use a lot less electricity than the older incandescent bulbs. Each bulb costs a little more than the older bulbs, but they need to be replaced less often. Many have more than three times the lifespan of an ordinary bulb. You won’t need to replace your fixtures to switch to LED; you’ll only need to replace the bulbs themselves.

Turn Things Off When You Aren’t Using Them

It may seem like just good common sense to remember to turn off items that you aren’t using, but it can be very easy to forget. Lights and screens can waste a considerable amount of energy over time. Make it a point to switch them off when you leave a room or stop what you’re doing. Also, remember that leaving chargers plugged in continues to draw power even when you’ve removed the item that you’re charging.

Insulate Your Home

Heating and cooling your home efficiently requires good insulation. If you have relatively little barrier between your home and the temperatures outside, your heating and cooling efforts will dissipate quickly and you’ll have to run your HVAC system longer than you otherwise would. If you need to look for Pittsburgh insulation companies, choose a service provider who has extensive experience serving residential customers in your area.

Use a Programmable Thermostat

Tightening and monitoring how you heat and cool your home is another great way to save money without making the temperature inside of your home uncomfortable. A programmable thermostat will enable you to set your temperature to a schedule so you won’t have to overuse your heating and air conditioning.

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