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How to detect leakage inside the walls?

Plumbers are professionals skilled to do their jobs of installing whole water system and maintaining the pipes for drinking water, sewage water and drainage. They are properly trained through 4 to 5 years of training program and apprenticeship too. They can easily handle all types of plumbing emergencies such as broken pipes or blocked drainage pipes or basement flooding by using their expertise. They can install water supply system and related plumbing fixtures. These local plumbers can professionally install bathtubs, showers, toilets, water heaters, sump pumps and dishwashers. These plumbers can work both on residential and commercial projects, designing and laying out pipe line system during construction.

One of the most irritating and scary plumbing issues is when your walls are damp and water damage is occurring without knowing the cause. Sometimes the leakage is impossible to detect between the walls until it is too late. The pipes are hidden behind the walls and most of the time it becomes hard to know the leakage problems only after checking properly.

Some reasons lead to leakage in walls are;

Weak and faulty plumbing, unable to withstand the weight of concrete

Old rusty pipes in old homes

Frozen and broken pipes because of extreme temperature

External forces leading to punctures in pipes

Whatever the reason of leakage is, it should be detected as soon as possible and plumbing problem is solved without wasting any time to avoid big expenses. There are different signs and indications of leakage inside the walls.

Wet spots on wall

The first and foremost sign of leakage is if you notice wet patches on the wall if your building is not under construction. When there is any broken or cracked pipe, the water seeps into the wall and create wet patches like sweating.

Peeling of paint

Another sign of leakage is peeling of paint on the walls where pipes are leaking. Mostly the houses have water-based paints and as soon as the water leaks, the paint start degenerating as it cannot handle water well. The wall is warped and stained without any apparent reason. The wood around the affected area is also rotting due to leakage.

Mold formation

The most common indication of leakage in the house is spots of mold growth and musty smell. Moisture is the main source of mold formation and if there are mold spots formed on some areas, it means somewhere water source is making it happen.

High water bill

If you are not able to detect water leakage, check your water meter and your water bill. Unusual increase in water bill is due to usage of excessive water and if you are not using it excessively then it is confirmed that water is leaking somewhere in your house.

It is essential that you should call a plumber to check and find the source of water leakage and fix it as soon as possible. They have proper tools, such as moisture detector and infra-red camera to locate moisture and cold, inside the walls. The leaking wall is more cold than other walls.

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