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How To Know It’s Time To Replace Your Roof

People often take for granted the roof that’s over their own head until it starts to break down. Your roof protects your home from sun, rain and wind and can last anywhere from twenty years or more, depending on the material. However, if you’re experiencing any of the following four signs, it’s time for a replacement.

Several Active Leaks

Discovering a leak inside your home is never good, but most times one leak can be fixed. If you’re experiencing several leaks, it’s time to look into replacement with quality roofing Daytona Beach. Letting leaks continue weakens the structure below and that could lead to an eventual collapse.

Shingles in the Yard

If you’re finding shingles in the yard every time you mow, it’s time to replace the roof. When roofs begin to fall apart, shingles blow off every time there’s a wind or rain storm. You’ll also see granules accumulating in your gutters and along your driveway.

No Roofing History 

Another sign that you’ll need a new roof is that you know nothing about its history. If the roof was old when you bought the house and years have passed, be vigilant for leaks or other problems. Many times houses are sold with older roofs, so the responsibility falls on you.

Moss on the Roof

Seeing moss growing on top of your roof is a sign there’s moisture under the shingles. This is common in areas under trees that don’t get a lot of sunlight. Though moss can be scraped off, it will grow back until the problem is addressed by replacing the roof. 

Replace Your Roof Now

Replacing a roof is an easy process that will save you a lot of headaches. You’ll no longer deal with leaks or fret about your roof blowing off in the next windstorm. Once you’ve got a new roof, you won’t need to agonize any longer.

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