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Why Your Compressor Needs the Right Lubricant

Your air compressor works hard for you and maintaining it properly can mean the difference between many years of steady function and a short life filled with frequent repairs. One of these maintenance items is checking the levels and cleanliness of the lubrication system. Lubricant in air compressors performs three main functions important to the operation and safety of the unit, protecting internal surfaces from wear and tear, sealing gaps in the equipment and preventing overheating of the machinery. Having the right lubrication ensures that this system is operating at maximum efficiency throughout the lifetime of the equipment.

Protects Internal Surfaces

Air compressors have many internal moving parts and surfaces which can wear each other down through contact. With the right lubrication, the parts and surfaces have a cushion when they move, making the normal workings of the equipment less damaging to itself. Your lubricant supplier VA company can help you determine the right viscosity and chemical makeup of synthetic oil for your make and model of compressor.

Seals Gaps

Even the most finely tuned air compressor unit will have some gaps between the screw elements where air could escape, diminishing the efficiency of the equipment. Lubrication can help minimize this escape by providing pressure around seals and can trap any air or water that manages to get through. This can increase the efficiency of the compressor, but it will also break down the lubricant over time, decreasing function and creating a varnish around the screw elements. Therefore, it is important to test your lubrication system and to routinely change the oil.

Prevents Overheating

Synthetic lubricant will prevent overheating of your air compressor unit by pulling the heat away from those elements. Fluid dynamics teaches that temperature and pressure will equalize when possible and that fluids, such as oil, can hold more heat than air. The heat will eventually break down the oil, just like other contaminants, but having the right lubrication can reduce the chances of equipment failure due to overheating and synthetic lubricant is more resistant to heat than other types.

Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to keep your equipment running as efficiently as possible for as long as possible. This means frequently changing out the oil and air filters in your air compressor as well as checking the cleanliness and health of the lubricant your system uses. The right lubricant can prevent overheating, seal gaps around the screw elements and even protect internal surfaces against wear and tear from normal use.

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