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3 Benefits of Growing Indoor Plants

From small flowering plants to lush, sprawling vines, people have enjoyed cultivating decorative plants for thousands of years. Growing plants indoors can be a great way for people who live in places with periods of inclement weather to have the luxury of greenery all year long. Besides livening up the décor, there are many benefits to growing indoor plants. They can reduce stress and improve the quality of the air and people’s health.

1. Boost Mood

Working with and near plants has been shown to reduce stress and increase feelings of satisfaction in office workers around the world. Plants kept in a house can also create a peaceful environment for the occupants to enjoy. Depending on what is desired, fruits, vegetables and flowers can be grown all year long. There are many ways to grow plants in the house, from putting shade-loving plants in a corner to installing accent windows to provide more light for varieties that need more sun.

2. Air Quality

Plants are well-known for absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen into the air. Increased oxygen levels can help people feel more alert and productive during the day and sleep better at night. Indoor plants can also add moisture to the air, and that extra humidity can be great during dry winter months.

3. Improve Health

There have been many studies done about the health benefits of plants. Gardening is now being used as a therapy treatment for patients with dementia, depression or other mental health issues. Caring for plants can help reduce anxiety and may even help patients recover from physical illnesses faster.

Growing plants indoors can be a relaxing hobby that benefits the mind and body. It can be enjoyed by people of all ages and abilities. Even if someone lives in a small space, they may find it worthwhile to find a spot for a small potted plant.

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