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3 Key Tips for Preparing Your Home To Be Sold

Ready to make a move and sell your home? Before you put your home on the market, here are three key tips to prepare your home to be sold.

  1. Add Curb Appeal

It’s no secret that good curb appeal sells homes. A home with good curb appeal gives potential buyers a warm welcome as they arrive at your property, inviting them inside to take a closer look. Luckily, a few key improvements can enhance your home’s curb appeal. Take extra steps to care for your lawn, including trimming the edges and replacing areas of dead grass with fresh sod. In addition, give your front door some new life with a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware. Be sure to choose colors based upon the overall look of your home’s exterior.

  1. Get an Accurate Appraisal

Before you put your home on the market, you need to get an accurate estimate of what it’s worth. An expert home appraiser Syracuse NY will take into account the various criteria that go into a complete appraisal of your residence. Having an appraisal will give you guidance as you price your home so that you don’t settle for a low price or price the home too high and make it languish on the market.

  1. Clean and Declutter

Don’t forget to give some attention to your interior spaces before you welcome buyers into your home. Give every surface a deep clean, even surfaces you might think a buyer won’t notice. It’s also recommended that you declutter each room. This will give potential buyers a blank slate for imagining a future life in the home.

If you take these steps before your home hits the market, you’ll take a lot of the stress out of the selling process. By thinking ahead, you’ll be well on your way to a quick sale!

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