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4 Interior Design Ideas for an Open Floor Plan

An open floor plan is a desirable option for new homeowners, renters, and down-sizers alike. This stylish option makes a small space feel larger and it’s great for families with children. Unfortunately, few people know how to take full advantage of an open floor plan, especially if you’re moving into this type of home for the first time.

If you’re one of the many people who fell in love with an open floor plan, take these design tips and tricks into account so you can craft a space that’s entirely your own.

Use flooring to your advantage

One of the best aspects of an open floor plan is the large spaces which blur the boundaries between rooms. While this gives you ample opportunity to explore different layouts for your home, it’s still beneficial to establish loose boundaries. If you don’t, you might end up crafting a house that looks more like a college dorm room.

Try using flooring to create transitional spaces in your home. This might be a simple area rug under the dining room table or a hard tile that breaks up your sight line. Thissymbolic borderexpresses a new function within a space and breaks up the monotony of a single-room household.

Or use furniture

Furniture is another great way to create a visually dynamic space. Even though we’re not used to seeing the backs of our sofas, removing them from the wall creates a barrier between living rooms and dining rooms. This can create a cozy corner that was previously underutilized, giving the illusion of privacy without relying on a construction project to form more rooms in your home. After all, an open floor plan is built for connection. Members and guests within your household will feel much more comfortable entering an open space than a closed-off room.

Furniture can also serve to create distinct groupings in certain areas of the house. Just like you wouldn’t put a coffee table in a kitchen, decorating a space with clear intent can help organize your home’s layout overall. For entertaining, you want to keep a space open and inviting, with seating facing toward each other. For a family room, you might want to angle furniture toward the television and supply the space with bookshelves.

Color coordinate 

Your open floor plan means that you’ll take full advantage of the natural light streaming throughout your home. With more of your home on display, you want to ensure your space looks visually appealing, especially in regard to color.

While not every room needs to incorporate your favorite color combination, even using a vivid art piece as inspiration and extending the colors throughout the room can create a cohesive environment. Accenting natural colors with wood grains and granites can also do some heavy lifting if you feel like your space incorporates too much (or too little) color.

If you don’t want to utilize matching colors throughout your home, try to focus on the benefits of complementary colors. After all, this can provide fun tones of contrast throughout your home and even separate rooms into functional, individualized spaces. You can consult with a Boulder interior design firm for more advice here.

Take advantage of multi-functional spaces

Open floor plans have the wonderful ability to transform a space into a scene. You might want to blend your kitchen and dining room, while other homeowners love blending the dining room and the living room. This doesn’t mean you have to eat dinner on the couch, but it does mean that you might rub elbows with someone eating at the table.

If you want to create two functional spaces in one area, rely on parallel and perpendicular shapes and layouts within your anchor pieces. For example, if your dining room table is in the shape of a rectangle, it can look visually striking if the sofa is position to create a “T” shape along the table’s edge. It will also look good if you set these items parallel to each other, with the sofa facing away from the table.

Organizing a unique space can be a challenge for the first-time homeowner, but it’s certainly doable and the results can be a refreshing new space to live in.

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