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How Plumbing Problems Could Threaten Your Space

When everything is going right with your plumbing system, you’re not thinking about it. Rarely do we appreciate that being able to go to the bathroom is a modern miracle that keeps us from having to do our business outside. Rarely do we celebrate the simple fact that clean water is available in our own home — except for some high-profile incidents in which it has become unavailable to our communities, we tend to take this stuff for granted.

But your plumbing system is important and it deserves your attention. The powerful and ingenious systems that keep your residential or commercial property comfortable and functional are essential, but they’re not invincible. You need to stay on top of your system’s maintenance needs so that it can keep helping you by delivering that clean water to your faucets and getting rid of the wastewater that you send down your drains.

If something does go wrong with your plumbing system, the consequences can be dire. The power of water, the high pressures that can result from plumbing problems, the heavy pipes, and the dangerous waste water— all can be turned into hazards that threaten your home. Here are a few ways that plumbing issues could make your life a whole lot more stressful and your home a whole lot less comfortable.

Leaks and flooding

There are a lot of pipes and pipe joints in your plumbing system. There are a lot of plumbing fixtures, too. Tight seals do their best to keep water from escaping, but your system won’t keep all of the water where it should be if you don’t invest in regular maintenance and repairs.

Be very wary of leaks on your property. A small leak might not seem like a big deal, but small leaks get bigger fast. And if you have leaks in your walls, ceilings, or floors, then you’re going to start to see water damage.

The power of water to destroy your home is remarkable. Water can weaken drywall and even render foundations unstable. Water is most dangerous in the huge volumes that we see in floods, of course, but there’s more than enough water in your plumbing system to soak your carpets, bubble and peel your paint, and destroy your valuable possessions.

Wastewater and health hazards

Backflow happens when liquid in your plumbing system flows the wrong way. That means that wastewater that should be heading down your drains starts heading up, and that stuff from your septic tank or sewer starts getting into your pipes. The nasty stuff can even start coming up out of your drains.

Wastewater, needless to say, is not good for you. Wastewater carries all kinds of horrible bacteria and other dangerous things that can cause diseases, respiratory problems, and more. Plus, it may be full of chemicals that your septic tank or municipal sewers are using to break the bad stuff down. Getting this unhealthy stuff out of your house is arguably the most important job that your plumbing system has!

And when you neglect maintenance and repairs, you could end up with an actual biohazard on your property.

Don’t let plumbing issues ruin your space

A serious plumbing problem can paralyze your home or business. It can make it unsafe to live or work there. It can upset your family or your customers. You do not want to be dealing with this stuff.

The good news is, you don’t have to deal with this stuff. You can call a trusted plumber and invest in fast fixes and routine preventative maintenance. Preventative maintenance and inspections can be a lifesaver, explain pros who specialize in Envirosight camera inspections. If the experts you rely on spot a problem before it gets out of hand, you’ll save a ton of money and may avoid disastrous consequences.

When you make a point of working proactively with the right team of plumbing professionals, you can rest easy knowing that you’re avoiding bigger expenses and inconveniences — not to mention all kinds of misery and danger — down the line.

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