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What to consider when choosing hardwood floor installation

Have you ever been in a house or room, which is perfectly finished with some hardwood, with the proper color match and good design? You then will agree that hardwood floor finish is the best there can be when it comes to floor finishing. There are many benefits of having a hardwood floor including providing a homely and beautiful environment.  It is also a source of timeless elegance and if you decide to sell your house, you have a solid investment.

Do you want to reap the maximum benefits from your house? Then consider the following factors when choosing your floor installation.

Your home style

The style of your home comes first when considering the hardwood floor to install. Take all interior elements of your home into consideration; the cabinets, trim work and any other design elements, which match your floor.  You need also to pay attention to the color shades that give a perfect match; the dark and lighter pieces fit so well with the traditional style of flooring. The designers will give you so many options that seem good but you must come up with the perfect one.

Staining and the finishing options

The staining and finishing options are some of the important considerations when it comes to choosing the type of hardwood for your floor. Hardwood is naturally beautiful and no doubt that your home will look great. A stain will add color to your design and highlights the grain patterns of the interior while enhancing the aesthetic appeal. With this kind of finishing, maintenance of the floor becomes easy, keeps off the dirt. With the hardwood, you can apply almost all types of finish and therefore, your choice will depend on your preferred style.

Your daily lifestyle

The everyday style of your home is another factor you need to consider when choosing the hardwood type to install in your floor. For instance, if you have children and pets, your floor will definitely experience more wear and tear. Thus, you need to choose the type of wood species that is durable. Red oak, for example, is one of the preferences for many people because it’s heavy duty and the prices are reasonable.

The subfloor type in your home

You may choose to have the type of hardwood flooring based on your home’s subfloor, which is usually plywood, concrete slab or particleboard. If you want to add engineered or solid hardwood floors, you may need to replace your particleboard subfloor with plywood.  The same case applies to the concrete subfloors; they’ll need plywood installation before fixing the hardwood floors.

The natural light

The amount of daylight in your home is one of the things you cannot afford to ignore when considering hardwood floors. The appearance of your hardwood floor will be enhanced or ruined by the color that you choose for the walls and the natural daylight that enters your home. For a room with plenty of natural light during the day, you’ll need dark colors for the floor for better contrast.

When choosing the right hardwood for your floor, you must pay attention to the durability and the aesthetics that you achieve with your choice. You should, therefore, look for hardwood floor professional who would ensure a perfect installation.

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