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3 Great Tips to Make Your Home Stand Out on the Real Estate Market

Planning to put your home on the market in West Hartfort, Connecticut? No matter where you sell your home, you know that it’s important to make your property stand out from all the rest. Follow these three helpful tips and you’ll generate buyer interest as soon as you list.

1. Improve Curb Appeal

The experts in selling a home West Hartford CT always stress the importance of curb appeal in the sale of a home. Focus on the big things like removing landscape debris including tree stumps and any unhealthy plants. In addition, consider giving your garage door and front door an update, whether that means giving them a fresh coat of paint or stain or just by replacing them entirely. Your small upgrades could make the difference in whether a homebuyer chooses to view your property instead of another.

2. Remove Clutter

You likely love your personal items, such as family photographs, collections and nick-nacks, but these can pose a distraction for potential buyers. Don’t just shove these items into closets – instead, organize them and rent a storage unit if your closets are too full. If you’ve removed unnecessary clutter, buyers will be able to focus on the main features of your home, instead of being distracted by your personal and decorative items.

3. Clean Inside and Out

A dirty home will turn off potential buyers, which is why a deep clean is necessary before your first showing. Clean all interior rooms and perform a steam clean on your floors if needed. In addition, don’t forget to clean the exterior, too. Sweeping paved areas and washing windows goes a long way to give buyers a winning first impression.

Make sure your home moves as soon as it hits the market by generating buyer interest as soon as the “for sale” sign is planted in your front yard. Follow these tips and you’ll wow every buyer who comes through your door.

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