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3 Outdoor Summer Staycation Activities

If you are unable to travel or find yourself at home more, you can still have a memorable summer. Participating in backyard activities is a great way to make happy memories, de-stress and reap the mood-boosting benefits of being outdoors. Here are three ideas for creating summer fun with your family or housemates.

1. Have a Pool Day

A dip in your swimming pool can feel incredibly refreshing on those sticky summer days. Moreover, offering to play pool games with your children may convince them to detach themselves from their screens, if only for a short while. The adults in your household may prefer to sip cocktails on a floating pool lounger. You may need to look into pool renovations St Charles County MO to update and improve your pool.

2. Picnic in Your Backyard

Organize a picnic outside. For all the foodies out there, this is a double win: You get to craft gorgeous picnic foods and spend time in nature. This is the perfect opportunity to make Instagram-worthy salads and those rustic tomato galettes.

For those of you who love great food but are not the biggest fans of passing time in the kitchen, you could pick up some picnic fare from a local restaurant. Sourcing a delicious meal from one of these establishments would be a neat way to support local business.

3. Relax in a Hammock

Hammocks provide a soothing sensory experience and a temporary escape from everyday cares. Hang your hammock in a shady spot and finally get into the book that has been sitting on your nightstand for a year. You could also listen to gentle music while tracing cloud patterns or take that much-needed nap!

Spending time (alone or with others) in your backyard is an easy way to recharge. Backyard activities are also a wonderful opportunity for family or household bonding. Use the list above to help you get started, but don’t be afraid to come up with creative ideas of your own!

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