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3 Reason To Choose Off-Campus Housing in Philadelphia

The City of Brotherly Love is home to some of the most impressive colleges and universities in the country. Because several Philadelphia institutions are located within the city limits, students have many housing options other college dormitories.

There are great benefits to living in off-campus housing in an urban setting with so much to offer.

Reduced Cost

Even taking into account rent prices in a major metropolitan area, living on campus can be more expensive with institutional fees and mandatory meal plans added to the cost. In some cases, taking on additional roommates can further defray the cost of rent and help forge lifelong friendships.

Vibrant Neighborhoods

While living on campus with other students can be great, renting a place in a surrounding neighborhood can be a fun and enriching experience as young adults get to know the historic city and mix with its residents.

For example, many Manayunk apartments are rented out to students from the University of Pennsylvania as well as LaSalle, St. Joseph’s and Temple universities because of its convenient location to public transportation even though it isn’t technically a college town meaning both locals and students live side-by-side in the eclectic neighborhood.

Lifestyle Flexibility

City dormitories often have quiet hours which means guests, loud music and other activities are prohibited after a certain hour. Students who live off-campus will need to be respectful to neighbors as well, but there aren’t the same rigid limits and enforcement mechanisms as there are in school housing.

In addition, young people who rent their own place can choose to live with whomever they’d like, including students from other schools, siblings, and friends already in the workforce.

There are many great options to choose from in a diverse city like Philadelphia. Students who are willing to branch out a little on their own will be rewarded with a lifetime of memories.

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