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3 Things You Should Know About Moving to Manhattan

If you’re thinking about moving to Manhattan, there are a few things you should know ahead of time, whether you’re thinking of crashing with a friend or moving into private park apartments in east side manhattan. The city that never sleeps holds endless possibilities, but there are some things that can seem a little different to out-of-towners. If you’re preparing for your big move to Manhattan, take a look at the top three things you should know about this chunk of the Big Apple.

  1. You Don’t Need a Car

Unlike most places across the country, Manhattan life means you won’t need a car in order to get around. In fact, if you do choose to drive around, you may need be prepared to sit in traffic. Thankfully, Manhattan has a great subway system that goes all over the city, so you won’t need a license – just a subway pass!

  1. It’s a Wealthy Area

While certainly not everyone living in Manhattan is rich, it is, by and large, a very wealthy area. In fact, Manhattan holds some of the most expensive real estate in the world, at an estimated $1,376 per square foot! That said, there are also more affordable options depending on the location, so don’t give up hope on your apartment search!

  1. It’s Got Amazing Street Food

One of Manhattan’s most instantly noticeable features is the street food culture sprinkled throughout the city. Be prepared for endless lunch and snack options as you navigate the city’s many food cart offerings. Within minutes, you can get hot dogs, pizza, pretzels and just about anything else your heart desires!

Manhattan is a unique and exciting place to move to that holds boundless possibilities. With these insider tips on Manhattan life, you’ll be well prepared for a smooth moving day and an exciting future ahead!

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