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3 Tips For Hosting a Family Reunion

Many families enjoy meeting periodically to have fun catching up with relatives. While a family reunion can be fun, it also requires some work on the part of whoever is hosting the event. To make things run smoothly, it is a good idea for the host or hostess to plan early, select a good location and choose appropriate activities.

1. Plan Ahead

As with most other parties, the more planning that goes into the event beforehand, the better. The guest list should be drawn up and a date chosen that is convenient for as many attendees as possible. The theme and menu can be selected, and volunteers solicited to facilitate the process.

2. Select a Location

Choosing the ideal location involves many factors. The number of people attending will dictate how much space is needed, and the preferences of the guests can help determine the type of venue. Try to find a place that appeals to a majority of the family members. If the event is outdoors, make sure the necessary cooking equipment is provided and rent a mobile restroom trailer if needed. Make sure that the place is easily accessible for any relatives who may have trouble walking long distances or use a wheelchair.

3. Choose Activities

Consider the age and interests of the attendees when selecting activities. Try to have a broad range of things available so that no one is left out. Card games and board games can be great icebreakers and give people something to talk about when they first arrive. Active games such as bocce ball, horseshoes or cornhole can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

Hosting a family reunion may be a lot of work, but gathering relatives together for a day or two of fun can be extremely rewarding. Try to enlist the help of others to spread out the workload, and don’t forget to spend some time enjoying the party.

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