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4 Elegant Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Deciding on the right kitchen cabinet style makes a big difference in whether or not your kitchen renovation is a success. Here are four styles to consider when replacing cabinets Saint James NY.

1. Contemporary

Contemporary design takes a sleek and minimalist approach. Contemporary kitchen cabinets reflect that as they have flat panels and very few decorative elements. They lean towards a simpler look, avoiding ornamental trim or synthetic finishes. In order to display a clean and spacious effect, contemporary cabinets have no raised panels or crown molding. They are simply flat surfaces with uncomplicated hardware.

2. Shaker

Some common characteristics of shaker style cabinets include doors with flat panels and rail frames, durable construction out of high-quality wood, and functional design. Shaker cabinets are typically manufactured out of maple, hickory, oak, or cherry. Some choose to let the natural wood finish shine through, while others stain the wood to make it a darker color. In contemporary homes, shaker cabinets are commonly painted white or gray to give the kitchen a bright and spacious vibe.

3. Country

Country-style kitchen cabinets are designed for heavy use, not just for show. This is why they are made out of durable woods such as oak, maple, pine, cherry, or oak. Country kitchen cabinets are often painted or glazed in charming colors such as soft yellow, mint green, cream, or light blue. In regards to the style of the cabinet itself, country cabinets have raised-panel doors, and you will commonly find decorative elements such as stained glass, tin, or beadboard.

4. Craftsman

Craftsman-style cabinets are characterized by straight lines, sturdy construction, and minimal decorative elements. They are made from heavy woods like maple, cherry, or hickory. Craftsman cabinets are usually not painted, as they are intended to let the natural beauty of the wood shine through. As an alternative, they may be stained to bring out the wood’s rich colors.

To decide on which cabinet style is right for your kitchen, consider the overall aesthetic of your home. You can decide to match the design of the rest of your house or make your kitchen slightly different. The bottom line is to make sure it feels like the right choice for you.

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