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4 Essential Things New Dog Owners Should Know

Congratulations, you just got a dog! Bringing home a new pet is always exciting. Your household changes in a big way once you get pets. Here are five key things to keep in mind when welcoming your furry friend into your home.

  1. Lifestyle Assessment

Before getting a new dog, be sure to think about your current lifestyle. Do you work or go to school? Are you away from home often? No matter what your daily grind entails, you will have to delegate plenty of time to care for your pet. Create a schedule to remain on track with your pet ownership duties.

  1. Shedding

Many breeds of dogs shed their fur, while some do not. If your pooch is a breed that sheds frequently, it’s imperative to stay on top of cleaning it up throughout your household. Pet dander can be a nuisance for everyone, and even worse for those who are allergic or have asthma.

  1. Dog-Proofing

Before bringing your four-legged friend home, remember to dog-proof your residence to ensure its safety. These are the most vital issues:

  • Fragile items should be placed out of reach.
  • Relocate any wires or cables to an area that your dog cannot easily get to, as dogs can chew through them very easily.
  • Cleaning products and foods such as chocolate can be lethal if ingested by a pet, so hide them in a place where your dog can’t access them.
  1. Cleanliness

Dogs are playful creatures, and their keen curiosity is naturally a catalyst for messes of all types. Puppies, especially, are likely to pee and poop everywhere in your home, so potty training your pup early on is crucial. You may want to keep your local carpet and upholstery cleaning New Haven CT company on speed dial for the first few months. The more time you invest in training, the less frequent these accidents should become.

Like with any other pet, owning a dog is a serious commitment that comes with many responsibilities. As a new owner, you will learn many things and make some mistakes along the way. Let these tips and tricks serve as a starting point as you navigate your journey.

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