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4 Tips for a Healthy Lawn

Owning a home is part of the American Dream. Keeping up with lawn maintenance, however, seems more like a nightmare. Despite dedicating so much free time to lawn care, many homeowners find the grass looks greener on everyone else’s lawn. If that sounds familiar, here are four green thumb tips to fix your lawn blues.

Know Your Grass

All grass is not created equal and knowing the difference can improve your yard’s appearance. Grasses fall into either a warm season or cool season class, and each group grows better in certain climates. The classes and each individual species also have their own unique requirements for ideal watering, fertilization and cutting height.

Maintain Regular Mowing

After a long day or week of work, the last thing a homeowner might feel like is mowing the lawn, but letting the grass get too high will only add to the stress. High grasses provide shelter to rodents, while the unsightly appearance will upset neighbors. If the grass goes too long without mowing it may go to seed, leaving a lawn looking more like a collection of weeds. These are all reasons why many homeowners turn to professional landscaping companies for yard mowing Memphis TN or in his or her area.

Water in the Morning

Keep your lawn watering to the early hours. Watering in the morning is ideal because the cooler temperatures prevent water from evaporating before it can sink into the soil. It also keeps the ground cooler during the afternoon hours, which helps the grass thrive.

Leave Clippings on the Lawn

Raking and removing grass trimmings is not only more work, it actually denies the yard an important boost. The process is even important enough that it has its own name: grasscycling. The clippings will quickly decompose, sending vital nutrients back into the soil, and it also provides cover for moisture, helping to prevent evaporation.

If thinking of lawns leaves you green with envy, these tips might be for you. Then, the only green you’ll see is that of the lush grass in your yard.

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