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4 Ways To Keep Your Floors Clean

Whether you are impressing family or clients, floors can be a sign of the state of your home or building. Depending on the type of floor, maintenance can be a little bit more difficult. Here are four things you can do to improve the look of your floors.

  1. Properly Care For Your Floors

Some floors are harder to take care of. For commercial purposes, floor cleaning Manhattan NY may be the best option. Carpet floors pick up dirt easily while polished floors can easily become smudged. The rate at which you clean depends on the traffic. For commercial buildings, cleaning should happen frequently, while residential floors can be done weekly.

  1. Use Doormats

The front doors can bring in the most dirt, mud and dust. During the winter, people can track in snow and unwanted debris inside, too. The best way to counter this is by using doormats. Customers or residents reflexively wipe their feet on these mats and leaves the rest of your floors squeaky clean. For residential homes, doormats can also be a welcoming addition to the design of your house.

  1. Use Floor Protectors For Your Furniture

The occasional movement of furniture can leave unwanted streaks or scratches on your floor. Use floor protectors to soften the movement of furniture while improving the dent resistance of the floor. When moving heavy furniture in and out of a building, be extra careful. Use dollies or hardboards to protect your floors.

  1. Remove Stains Quickly

If a child spills a drink or you see someone drop their afternoon snack, clean up the stain as soon possible. With the right cleaners, you can remove anything. However, the longer it takes for you to clean it up, the less likely that it will be completely removed. Keep watch for potential stains and clean them up as quickly as you can.

With these tips, you can keep any floor clean.

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