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5 Common Problem With Doctor Blades

A doctor blade is an essential component of a printing operation, so errors stemming from your blade can cause huge problems. Even though technology has become more precise and doctor blades better and more agile, mistakes can still happen and cost a lot of time and money. It is best to familiarize yourself with the common problems you can encounter when working with your doctor blade, so you can learn how best to adjust your printing to correct the errors.

Premature Blade Wear

If you notice your blade becoming worn much faster than expected, you may want to check your blade. Too much pressure on a doctor blade may cause premature wear, but you may also be dealing with a poor quality blade. To avoid this wear, make sure you have the proper metal blades for the job.

Blade Wave

Dirty clamp surfaces or uneven wear along the blade can cause this kind of error. The best way to prevent this is for the operator to carefully check the installation of the doctor blade.


Hazing can often be caused by low doctor blade angles, less than 55 degrees. Some printers will try to compensate by increasing pressure on the blade, but this is only a temporary fix.


Chrome particles or old ink could get trapped under your blade and cause streaking. This is also most often due to low doctor blade angles.

Anilox Scoring

This type of scoring not only ruins your print job but can also cause permanent damage to the anilox roll, according to printing experts. Hard to detect materials can be caught by the doctor blade and trapped behind it. This will cause pressure on the roll and damage it.

By making sure your equipment is operated correctly and taking proper maintenance steps, most of these doctor blade problems can be avoided.

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