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5 Everyday Products Made From Injection Molding

We use products every single day that are made from plastic, but how exactly were they made? Let’s go over some very common everyday items that are made with the help of injection molding services.

Electric Switches

The switch that you use every day to turn on the lights was made via injection molding. Also, the plugs in your house that you plug the vacuum into or other appliances are also made via injection molding. Since injection molding is one of the best ways to produce things in bulk, it makes sense that these little switches and plugs are made in this way.

Car Interiors

Cars are made by the millions in large assembly lines. This means that any part that can be produced at scale very cheaply is going to be the name of the game. The dashboard and interior of your vehicle is injected molded. Everything from the bumper, dashboard and buttons on your radio are injected molded because they can get a very high-quality result at large scale.


Children’s toys are mostly injected molded because they can be made at bulk and can be made from very durable plastic very cheaply and quickly. One of the nice things about plastic children’s toys is that they are washable and able to be cleaned without too much effort. So the next time you build a Lego set, you’ll be able to feel an injection molded product between your fingers.

Medical Tools

Since plastic tools can be easily cleaned, the medical world relies on injection molded plastic products for their devices. This also allows them to create devices at large scale to service hospitals and clinics all over the world.


Monitors, keyboards, casings, and other computer accessories are also injection molded. Since these parts are made at a large scale, it makes sense why this manufacturing process is used for these types of products. 

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