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Rafleys has a world class services measures in rental industry which you can buy their check-in and check- out services in addition to their basic and plus plans. Their high quality services can compete with any of the world renowned firm in this regard.

Below are some examples that can be quoted in this regard. Apart from that, it will give you the better idea about the firm and its services that are on offer.

Welcome Service

This is a type of signature warm welcome service by that includes in-person meet ups and greeting upon your arrival at your rental home. In that welcome service, the guest receives all the keys, tour information and important information about surroundings.

Apart from that, a member will meet you at each check out to take the keys and to check the property whether it is in the exact condition as before the check in or not.

Check Out Process

You must keep in mind that the manager (hired by will only generally inspect the property for major loss or damage; he is not responsible for complete inventory. However owner can have complete inventory in place by choosing the Platinum plan in this regard.

Registration Process at will provide and fill in the registration form and sign it with the guest. Apart from that Rafleys is also responsible to email all the information to the home owner immediately after the check in. This prompt reporting to the home owner enable him to report to Guardia which is necessary under the law that home owner should provide required information 24 hours after check in of the guest.

Following are the charges for these services which are payable additionally in the bill by the customers.

Costs for These Services by Rafleys

 Check in and Check-out Services

Rafleys will charge only 20 Euros for every check in and Check-out separately.

Additional Registration Fee

In case of an additional registration, the guest will be charged 10 Euros for each additional registration in terms of Additional Registration Fee.

Total Pack Fee (Welcome + Registration + Check Out)

There is combined offer for all these services form as well. If you want to pay for all services together, there is an offer for you in which you need to pay only 30 Euros for all the services that are stated above in the article.


Apart from the services which we mentioned above, there are many more services are on offer by the that you can avail according to your likings. These services are available for both guests and home owners.

Beside these services, there are several types of plans which are also available from where you can choose the one which best fits your needs and requirements.

The prices and offers by are really cheap as compare to the market rates in Spain but their services are quite brilliant and you can match them with any world class rental firm.

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Check Ins Criteria of

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