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Cleaning Up After a Storm: 3 Things Every Homeowner Should Do

A major weather event, such as a hurricane or tornado, can leave behind a path of misery and destruction. What you do after the skies clear will have a big impact on the recovery process. As you make plans to return to your home to assess the damage and calculate losses, be sure to include these three things on your checklist. 

1. Remove Safety Hazards

Seeing your home in a state of disarray can raise a plethora of emotions. Don’t let them overpower you in the moment, though. You must stop and assess the situation for potential safety hazards. They might include downed power lines, ruptured gas lines or biological hazards in floodwaters. Resist the urge to enter your home until you know it is completely safe. 

2. Take Pictures and Video

If you plan to file a claim with your insurance company, then you will need proof of damage which is why documenting the damage and any efforts you make at cleaning up is absolutely critical. Take pictures and video of everything you see. Add before and after comparisons as you start the cleanup.  Most homeowner’s policies do not cover damage from flooding, but it is still worth checking. There are other avenues for help that will also require documentation. For example, if the area has been declared a disaster, you may be eligible for state or federal assistance

3. Clean Out Damaged Materials 

You can’t really start the rebuilding process until all of the damaged material is out of the way. Only then will you be able to get a clear picture of what really needs to be done and start to schedule new drywall, electrical and ductwork installation Gainesville. Plus, the quicker you remove waterlogged drywall, carpeting and furniture, the less likely you are to battle mold later on. 

The rebuilding process will start soon enough. Taking steps to ensure your safety, document damage and clean out potential hazards can help get it underway. 

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