Are Coworking Spaces Also Promoting Women Entrepreneurship? A Handy Guide

The rise of women entrepreneurs in coworking spaces is no less than a revolution! Coworking spaces are all the rage around the world today, and with this rise in the coworking culture, women entrepreneurship is growing as well.

Self-employment, self-sufficiency, and flexibility are some of the major factors that are driving women to enter the world of entrepreneurship. Enters an inevitable and much needed rise and support of co-working spaces to promote such women entrepreneurs, one of the major players being this coworking space Delhi.

Co-working & Women Entrepreneurship – The Relationship

Women entrepreneurs can take advantage of the availability of the coworking community to connect, network, and collaborate with fellow entrepreneurs and professionals. Apart from the collaboration, these shared working spaces serve as the perfect platform to get inspired, to innovate, and be productive.

Despite the increase in the number of women entrepreneurs in the past few years, there was a disadvantage of most women being pulled down by lack of resources, lack of a network, lack of mentorship, and social expectations. Coworking spaces provide women entrepreneurs with the opportunity to overcome these hurdles and grow both professionally and personally.

How do co-working spaces help?

  1. Networking & Building Connections

The community aspect of working out of a coworking space enable the people here to feel truly connected and part of a “movement”. Networking with like-minded professionals helps in confidence building and helps create a healthy environment to create and share new ideas and opportunities for mutual growth.

  1. New Ideas & Concepts

When entrepreneurs from different backgrounds and belonging to different industries come together in one place, there is bound to be an explosive creating and sharing of new ideas and concepts. There will always be the opportunity to learn something new. These new ideas bring in a fresh perspective for these women and help them grow their business.

  1. Flexibility

Being part of the coworking culture offers absolute flexibility in terms of working hours, which is great for those with inevitable social and personal responsibilities, and convenient to suit your working style.

  1. Designed to Support Growth

Coworking spaces are designed to help minimize your effort, funds, and time towards daily office needs. This gives those working here the chance to focus on what matters – growing as a business.

  1. A Physical Location

Running a business from your home has growth limitations. Coworking spaces offers the flexibility of working from home, along with the facilities, amenities, and control of working out of a proper office.

  1. Coworking Events

Almost all co-working spaces organize events, seminars, and lectures on a regular basis, relevant to young entrepreneurs, freelancers, and professionals. By working out of a co-working space, women entrepreneurs can take advantage of these events, which can help them learn, grow, and even connect.

The Future

With the incredible support that co-working spaces provide women entrepreneurs today, the latest development is the rise of all-women co-working spaces across the globe. These co-working spaces for women extend support to all ambitious women out there by providing facilities that will help them focus better on their work without having to mess up their work-life balance.

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Are Coworking Spaces Also Promoting Women Entrepreneurship? A Handy Guide

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