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Different Types of Bathroom Vanity Styles

Renovating a bathroom can make a huge difference in the appearance of your home. With many types of vanity styles to choose from, it can be a challenge to decide what you would like. Knowing who will be using the bathroom, and how often, can help you determine the design and the level of functionality you need. Here are some typical types of vanities you’ll see while shopping.

1. Single Sink

Small bathrooms require extra planning to ensure you make the most of your space. A single sink can provide a small amount of storage underneath and plenty of styles are available to match your design aesthetic. Plumbing services Pensacola FL are available to reconnect the pipes after installation.

2. Double Sink

Typically seen in master bathrooms, this type of sink has amazing amounts of surface area and storage space. You share a lot of things with your spouse, but bathroom supplies doesn’t have to be one of them when you have a large enough bathroom.

3. Freestanding

Freestanding sinks are only connected through the plumbing. This makes them easy to install and simple to move around when repairs need to be done. Some of them come with cabinets, but one of the most common freestanding sinks is the pedastal sink. Choose this type when you want a classic look and don’t need storage.

4. Floating

A floating or wall-mounted vanity can add an interesting twist to a small bathroom space because it doesn’t touch the floor. This type of vanity still has storage space and a sink on top to accommodate the bathroom essentials. Truthfully acknowledge how many people will be using this vanity, as excessive force from above can dislodge it from the wall.

Pick out your new vanity with the size, style and functionality in mind so you can enjoy your newly renovated bathroom.

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