Four Steps to Keep Bathroom Clean and Organized without a Sweat

That fresh scent of cleanliness and sophistication, without a trace of impurity or frequent usage. Isn’t that what we want to smell every time we enter the most private room in our house? If only we can keep our bathrooms fresh and fragrant all the time without having to spend hours of removing all kinds of dirt and grime regularly, right?

The truth is, with our busy schedule, we hardly find time to lock ourselves inside the bathroom to clean it. And you’d agree that we need more than an hour to thoroughly clean it. Aside from the fact that it’s time-consuming, it’s also very discouraging to handle.

So today, we’re giving you five hacks on how to clean your bathroom without spending too much time or feeling so tired! These steps are so simple you can even do them before you take a shower everyday. So don’t flinch, guys and girls! Here we go!

Use small spray bottles for easy and handy cleaning

What’s very taxing about cleaning the bathroom is the fact that you have to do a lot of handwork in every step of the process. Aside from that, you need to bend down and and stand up repeatedly in order to dip the cleaning towel or brush to the pail with soap and then scrub it against the wall. This act is very tiring to even think about.

But by using spray bottles, this cleaning task will be a lot easier. You can even do this before or while taking a shower. You just need a handy spray bottle with your cleaning formula inside. Spray the mixture directly to the wall and wipe it with a clean towel. Do this repeatedly while in one corner of your wall a day. If you do this every other day, then you’ll be able to clean all the corners of your bathroom walls in a week.

Discover the magical mop slippers

Another stressful step in cleaning the bathroom is the fact that you have to bend down to wipe the floor. Although you have another alternative, which is to use the mop, it’s still tiring and time-consuming to do this. So out advice is for you to use mop slippers! (Photo from Aliexpress)

This seems to be a very simple product that takes no genius to come up with. But, it’s one of the best assistants in cleaning your bathroom. You simply need to spray some cleaning formula on the floor; get it wet a little bit, then wipe it with the mop slippers! Easy, right! In five minutes, you must have cleaned half of your bathroom floor without having to bend down for a long time.

Use vinegar to clean shower heads

You might ask, wouldn’t that make my shower head smell too sour? Well, not if you rinse it later on with a mix of fragrant detergent or cleaning liquid. You see, a shower head is the last thing in the bathroom you’d think of cleaning, for the simple reason that it seems unnecessary to do so.

Well, thanks to the acetic acid in vinegar that makes it effective in easily removing stains and dirt from the shower head without having to exert too much effort. There no easier way to clean your shower head than that!

Place designated shelves inside

What else makes your bathroom look messy aside from the dirt and foul smell? Nothing else but the messy arrangement of all the bottles and canisters inside!

Photo from HGTV

You can easily solve this by putting designated shelves or baskets with waterproof labels inside your bathroom. Indicate where to put hair products, body cleaning products, bar soaps, used clothes, etc on these shelves. This will help a lot in making your bathroom look more organized.

With these tips right at your fingertips, you can keep your bathroom clean and fresh without spending too much time!

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Four Steps to Keep Bathroom Clean and Organized without a Sweat

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