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Getting Ready to List and Sell Your Home

If you’re ready to upgrade to a new and bigger home, the first step in the process is getting your current residency ready to sell! Some factors like market conditions and the popularity of your location are beyond your control. Most, however, require just a little planning and work to help you put your house’s best foot forward for potential buyers.

Get an Appraisal

Before you get too deep into the process, you need to have a realistic assessment of your home’s value. Seller appraisals Charleston SC are always a good idea and should help you land on a fair market value price point. Getting an appraisal may also help you budget for your new house, or make you consider making a few renovations before listing your home to get a better deal.

Perform Simple Prepares

Speaking of renovations, while repainting your house’s exterior or remodeling your kitchen may increase value, they may not be practical if you’re on a time frame or limited budget. That said, you still want to do yourself as many favors as possible to help attract buyers. In many cases, a few simple repairs like making sure all the light fixtures work and replacing bulbs, or tightening screws, or patching up holes in concrete or fencing may go a long way without hitting your pocketbook.

Stage the Home Properly

Staging is tricky. On one hand, you want the house to look like a home so prospective buyers can picture their family there. On the other hand, you don’t want it to look to personalized, or they’ll subconsciously snap out of their vision and think about you too much. During showings, take down family portraits and try to limit the number of personal belongings that are visible beyond furniture. Hang linen in the bathrooms and remove any unnecessary clutter.

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