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Is Your Company Prepared To Conquer a Fire? Here Are 3 Things You Can Do

In the middle of the workday, you’re checking emails when you smell something odd — smoke. How is that possible? You look up from your desk, surveying the perimeter. Flames are coming from the office breakroom. Quickly, you take off, looking for the nearest fire extinguisher. Where is it, though? You never really noticed.

Situations like these can occur when proper preparations haven’t been made. Take action. Business owners may improve fire safety using the following three steps.  

1. Establish a Plan

Sit down with a group and discuss emergency preparations, coordinating an official procedure. Think first about contact and how to let others know to evacuate the premises. Several methods should be available. Email, intercom announcements and group text alerts are all a possibility.

Designate someone to take charge, ensuring messages are sent and exits begin. Following this, you should begin to walk escape routes. As you move through hallways, think about how easily or difficult it may be for large groups to depart at once. Do you need to increase space? Are more paths necessary? Are these methods handicap accessible? Once you have all of these questions answered, make a map and post it in visible locations. Furthermore, workers should know about the steps as well as the pathways.

2. Inspect Your Equipment

Most states have laws requiring spaces to test, update and repair safety fixtures. This includes ensuring that sprinkler systems function correctly and handheld devices are up to code. Often, the smallest items are overlooked. For example, when sparks fly someone usually knows to look for the closest extinguisher on the floor. However, it could be devastating if it didn’t work. Don’t forget to research fire extinguisher recharge NYC. Those units do expire. As a result, they’ll need a refill.

3. Practice Drills

Do you remember in elementary school the fire alarm would go off and you’d follow the teacher out the main doors, waiting patiently to get back to class? Eventually, you probably knew the path by heart. If something occurred, you’d know how to proceed and where to meet up. This practice isn’t just for kids; it works great for adults as well. Sometimes that additional activity is what some need to maintain calm nerves and get out to safety. Therefore, set aside several times a year to walk through drills.  With each run-through review everyone’s actions, determining whether modifications should occur.

Take the proactive approach, readying your establishment and staff to handle the worst. Think ahead; check your systems and devices, and practice procedures with your employees.

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