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Landlord Tips To Weather the Big Storms

As an apartment complex owner, you have a responsibility to your tenants to keep them comfortable and safe. You may find your caretaker duties most challenged during the approach of a major storm, an event that can hit any region at any time. However, you can use several resources to prepare your complex and its dwellers for disastrous weather; by doing so, you increase the odds that both your guests and the building can weather the disaster.

Boost Power Supply

Both a driving winter snowfall and a summer thunderstorm can knock down a local power grid. Without power, your tenants will be unable to keep either cool or warm as necessary. The lack of power may also curtail basic tasks such as cooking; you can keep current flowing by contacting generator installation Washington DC to set up an industrial generator strong enough to power the entire building.

Add Emergency Signage

Even if you are not required by code to do so, install lighted emergency exit signs. In most situations, your guests will need to stay hunkered down in their units, but in the event they need to leave quickly, you do not want them to be fumbling around looking for alternative exits.

Clear Surrounding Landscape

High winds can turn pieces of nature into dangerous projectiles. Call an arborist to determine the health of nearby trees; ask to clear away dead trees and weakened branches — though make sure to leave healthy trees for their cooling benefits. Also, secure loose items such as trash receptacles.


Weatherizing your complex can boost tenant comfort during extreme temperatures — and lower utility bills to boot — even when inclement weather is not an issue. Modernize the building by insulating pipes and walls, checking roofs and gutters and servicing air and heating units.

Both winter and summer storms can ravage a building and threaten the health of its inhabitants. As a caring landlord, ensure you protect life and limb by taking preparation measures to blow-back against mother nature’s worst.

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