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Project Management for Condominiums

Major projects in high-rise condominium buildings generally require intensive planning and considerable investment. Board members and property managers need to be very conscientious about how projects are managed. Strategic management practices will help them to complete projects as affordably as possible and assure that they’ll be happy with the end result.

Stay Organized During the Planning Process

Project planning has to be highly organized well before any work begins. Your RFP must be extremely detailed and contain exact specifications. You should work with a consultant or engineer to draft a comprehensive RFP. When you’re evaluating bids, defaulting to the lowest bidder may not be the best option. In fact, you should be very skeptical of extremely low bids. It’s possible that a contractor could underbid to win a contract and then be forced to advance costly change orders. Choose an experienced contractor who inspires confidence and competence.

Minimize Hardships to the Building’s Residents

In many instances, work can be very disruptive to residents. Residents should be given ample notice about work that will cause any type of disturbance or interrupt services. Ideally, work should be planned in a way that mitigates disruptions. Working hours in common areas should be limited to the same hours that work is permitted within units set forth within your association’s governing documents; don’t perform work at hours that would present a nuisance. If your building is undergoing an elevator modernization, you should aim to take only one elevator out of service at a time.

Hold Weekly Job Meetings

In order to keep your project’s timeline on track, it’s essential that you have weekly meetings where project managers and contractors can touch base. It’s a vital forum in which building and project managers can ask questions about the scope of work and get important information to keep residents apprised of what’s happening. 

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