Smart storage solutions for your 1BHK/2BHK flats

Majority of urban population in India lives in the one or two bedroom apartment. The main reason behind is that a number of people are coming to metro cities for earning money. This increases the demand for houses like 1 BHK flat in Pune, 2 BHK flat in Bangalore and real estate prices are sky-rocketing. In such a scenario, it is very important to understand that you must utilize every square foot of your apartment and enjoy a clutter-free and an organized living. In this article, let us look at new and smart storage solutions.

  • Unearth new storage spaces – Look for spaces under beds and sofa sets, behind doors, or even beneath the windows. You can create small closets at such places to accommodate extra books, toys or even non-frequent items like sweaters, raincoats etc. This is a perfect place to keep a school bag, extra pair of shoe, etc. These places are also easily reachable for kids. In case of space crunch for opening doors, go for sliding ones.
  • Full length Racks or wardrobes – This is the perfect solution for putting all your daily needs. You can design such racks in living room as well as bedroom. In the living room, you can use racks with glass sliders to display your collection of showpieces or even books. In the bedroom, a full-length wardrobe, which covers one of the walls, can accommodate clothes of all family members. In one of the lower drawers, you can pile up extra sheets and blankets too. Such racks and wardrobes will smartly add style to your home.
  • Foldable Study or dining table – In a small apartment, size of the bedroom and kitchen is not big enough. When you put a double bed in a bedroom there is very little vacant space around the room. It is just impossible to put anything else such as study table or ironing table in the room. Folding table is a perfect solution in this situation. You can attach it to the wardrobe or any of the walls. This will not block your way or reduce space.
  • Kitchen storage – Indian kitchens are full of all sort of stuff. With smart storage solutions for kitchen, a homemaker can manage all this stuff with ease. Drawers installed under the cooking platform are commonly found in every house. Using hydraulics can make it more accessible and lighter to use. Using tall cabinets on either side of the platform can make space for utensils or food containers. You can close the lofts near the ceiling area with doors or sliders and put extra utensils or other unused stuff.
  • Bathroom storage – Create small cabinets inside bathroom to put extra toiletries and other supplies. You can also fix triangular trays in the corner space for regularly-used items. Hooks and rods of different sizes also are handy when you require extra space for drying clothes.
  • Living walls or cubes – this is a novel concept where all the day-to-day items are used to form a cubical space. These items can be TV unit, bed, bookshelf, wardrobe, shoe rack and these are installed in a compact fashion to save space. This is one of the trending smart storage solutions and is available in the market as a single unit. If you do not like the readymade one, you can design your own living cube or wall as per your own choice.

You have seen so many solutions to utilize every inch inside your house and make it clutter-free and a happy space to live in. Proper storage can save lot of time and energy, which is otherwise spent in just finding things all around our home.

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Smart storage solutions for your 1BHK/2BHK flats

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