The most sought-after location in Canada for luxury housing

Mississauga, Ontario, just west of Canada’s biggest city, Toronto, is a tremendous draw for Canadian residents, as well as foreign investors, for a great number of reasons.

Mississauga, which has been proven to be the most sought-after location in Canada for luxury homes, enables home and property owners to have wonderful proximity to Toronto, getting outside the urban congestion of the major city, providing residents with waterfront views, privacy, and so much more in an area of expansive greenery that is turning the area into a large, secluded, thriving metropolis of its own.

In addition to the beautiful landscape in the area, in close proximity to downtown     Toronto and the airport, the Mississauga region in itself boasts of fine schools, elegant dining, beautiful golf courses, and upscale shopping experiences.

Luxury homes in Mississauga offer potential homeowners a wide variety of very attractive options in which to choose from. Whether it be a luxury home in such upscale neighborhoods as Mineola, Lorne Park, or Clarkson, dream homes of all varieties and amenities can be found here.

Luxury home purchasers really do have specific features in mind when searching for just the right area and home to relocate to. Those looking to make a solid investment in a luxury home in Mississauga can expect to find a number of superior amenities at any number of area locations. Some of these attractive features found in area homes for sale include:

  • Pristine lawns
  • Waterfront views
  • Guest suites
  • Tennis courts
  • Indoor swimming pools
  • Wine cellars
  • State-of-the-art kitchens
  • Helicopter pads
  • Large theatre rooms

Owning such a beautiful home in Mississauga not only provides the homeowner the beauty, privacy, and security they are seeking in such a memorable residence, it also proves to be a very wise investment in the growing area’s burgeoning real estate market.

With access to to major highways, and the close and nearby access to Toronto, the city is already in prime position to make major strides in terms of expansion and growth. The city has recently committed $45 million, set aside for construction projects over the next 15 years, in anticipation of this continued growth and prosperity.

Located on the banks of Lake Erie, Mississauga is an outdoor paradise, with over 480 woodlands and parks there for people to explore and enjoy. Quite naturally, all forms of fishing and water sports are favored activities by tourists and residents during the more temperate summer months, which at many times reach or exceed 80 degrees F.

One outstanding outdoor activity to partake in here is visiting Port Credit, The #1 rated in things to do in Mississauga on Trip Advisor, getting their Certificate of Excellence. Port Credit, which has been referred to as the Jewel in the Crown of Mississauga, is comprised of over 400 businesses, which include many restaurants, and other similar venues in the City’s Entertainment District.

For people that seek a bit more thrills in their aquatic adventures, they can visit Playdium, the city’s wonderful 40,000 sq. ft. indoor water complex that features for visitors more than 200 rides, simulators, and high-tech attractions. Outdoor attractions here include the Baseball Dome, open year-round, with 9 variable speed batting cages. They also feature an 11-acre outdoor park that has one of Canada’s largest Go-Kart tracks. So visitors can thoroughly enjoy this area, right within the city, all year-round.

Sightseers in the area enjoy viewing the Absolute World Towers, certainly original buildings with designs not seen anywhere else. And for residents and visitors looking to have a meal in town, there are a wide variety of restaurants to choose from in the the area. Everything is here, based on the preferences of the customer. From fine dining to inexpensive, cheap eats, they are all here and readily accessible to both those that have made reservations, or just those that walk in to get a quick, most delicious meal.

Food selections in the city include, but are most certainly not limited to: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Middle Eastern, Mexican, Indian, Pizza, and Seafood, all at a great number of fine restaurants located throughout this beautiful area.

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The most sought-after location in Canada for luxury housing

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