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Things To Think About When You’re New Home Shopping

Shopping for a home is exciting and fun. It’s a great feeling when you walk into a house and think, “This could be it.” Before you finalize your home purchase, though, here are a few things to consider.


Many homes in cities or older neighborhoods don’t have a garage at all. On the other hand, many newer homes have garages that can hold three or more cars. What space does your family need? Is it important that it be attached. If you live where it snows, being able to park two cars in your garage can be convenient. If this isn’t a concern, you might not worry so much about garage specifics. If garage space is important to you, let your Realtor Santa Cruz CA know what you need before you start shopping.


Some families need more storage space than others. If you have a large collection of holiday decorations, for example, make sure you have enough storage for that. Also, consider how much space you’d like for your food pantry. Storage also comes in various locations — garages, basements, attics, and living spaces. Consider your need for each type of storage, and look carefully at the storage available in homes you’re considering.


The number and condition of bathrooms in a home can have a significant impact on the home’s value. Families are more comfortable in a home with at least two bathrooms. Having a powder room that you can use for visitors can be a great addition, as it’s much easier to keep clean than the hallway bathroom used by your children, for example. If bathrooms are outdated, consider how this should affect the price of any homes you’re looking at. If you’d like to be able to update them, look into the cost of remodels before you commit to buying any home.

Think about all the ways your family will use your new home as you shop for it. Paying attention to even the small details can help you buy a home you’ll be happy living in for a long time.

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