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Top Construction Project Management Software in India

Construction project management software are specifically designed products that are aimed at streamlining the construction project operations. The effective business tool assists constructions managers in increasing resource utilization, defining system objectives, engaging with other departments and executing different project operations. Following are the ways in which construction project management software helps:  

  • Automation of administration tasks
  • Easy scheduling of tasks
  • Assistance in cost-estimation and billing
  • Centralised document storage
  • Handling of on-going work projects
  • Establishment of real-time communication and support

Construction management software makes coordination amongst different departments easier. However, it’s important to select the right tool to tackle your management woes. With multiple construction software solutions available, making a choice often gets challenging. Below-mentioned are some of the top construction project management software in India that one can consider:

  1. ProjectManager.com

This cloud-based project management software can be used with ease by anyone irrespective of the location. From construction project scheduling to planning, vendor management, cost management and a lot more, the set of tools ProjectManager.com is equipped with allows enhanced control over each aspect of the construction project. Its online Gantt chart tool, for instance, is a visual representation of the project that lets you track the duration of the project, change the scheduling of the tasks with a simple drag and drop option and assign different tasks within the team. Its timesheet feature allows you to keep a track of the number of hours your team has worked, whether on site or in the office. Complex scheduling and resource management can also be effectively taken care of using the software.    

  • CoConstruct

CoConstruct is a web-based construction project management softwareused by modelers, contractors and design-build companies alike. Its versatile features such as scheduling, activity planning, budgeting, estimating and communications gives you a complete control over the construction project. One of the features that make CoConstruct stand apart is the ease of customization and excellent customer service at times when assistance is required. The only disadvantage this software probably has is that it doesn’t offer a free trial.  Being expensive and having limited integrations, it’s not suitable for those who wish to get a software that works well with their other software packages related to social tools, accounting etc.

  • E-Builder

If you are someone who mostly deals with government construction projects, then e-Builder is the ideal software for you. Whether its communications, updating submittals or invoicing, the software lets you do all with ease. However, you will have to learn using it. Once you are done with the training, all your documents can be organized better. Its notifications feature will help you stay up-to-date with each and every change that happens while the project is on. Although the layout appears cluttered, confusing and a bit overwhelming, it does have a lot of features that shall help manage government issued projects. Its scheduling feature is useful for organizations with large number of employees. It lacks an autosave feature though that can cause problems.  

  • BuildSupply

BuildSupply construction project management software is a collaborative platform that allows you to manage multiple projects with ease. It lets you manage the team more efficiently by allowing efficient allocation of responsibilities to individual team members. Its predefined material library lets you manage bill of materials without any hassle. There’s a listing dashboard that lets you handle all the supplier on-boarding requirements, request for quotations from multiple suppliers and compare before making a choice on a single platform. The software also allows you to procure all construction related materials without any hassle. You can therefore make a seamless purchasing experience by automating the entire construction procurement process. Its customized construction inventory management dashboard can be accessed via any medium- laptop, desktop and hand-held devices.  

Robust and dynamic construction project management software shall let you handle all your construction related requirements with ease. So get one now!

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