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Ways To Pinpoint a Water Leak in the Attic

Leaving a leaky roof in disrepair is more than just a nuisance. A constant drip of water or persistent inlet during a rainstorm can cause structural damage to the house. This can lead to an unsafe residence for your family and costly fixes to restore your home. Once the water has penetrated through the roof, you have to deal with replacing insulation, replacing sheetrock, or removing water stains. Before it gets so bad that you need to call a St Louis roofing and exteriors company, follow some of these ideas to spot a roof leak in the attic.

Start in the Attic

Take a strong flashlight into the attic. Always be careful to watch your step, moving carefully from joist to joist if there isn`t a proper floor laid. You will be looking at the bottom of the roof for areas that may be darker than others. Dark stains could indicate water damage. Sometimes, these areas of damage will grow a patch of mold. If you do see mold in the area, it is highly likely that there is water coming in at that location.

Look for Damaged Insulation

You may not be able to see the bottom of your roof very well if you have a lot of insulation in the attic. However, insulation deteriorates more quickly than wood does, so any water damage will more highly noticeable. Check several feet to either side of a damaged section of insulation, as rainwater gets diverted away from the entry point by way of the insulation. Remove damaged insulation carefully to expose the source of the leak.

Look for Roof Damage

Keep an eye out for limbs that have poked a hole in the roof or around vent seals. These minor areas can let water seep in, though unnoticed at first. Over time, the weakened area can give way and create additional problems.

These are just a few of the ways you can inspect your attic for roof damage. Even a small leak needs to be addressed right away to prevent long-term damage to the home.

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