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Why You Need a Wind Mitigation Inspection

A wind mitigation inspection is performed by licensed professionals and is a specific form which must be filled out and submitted with pictures detailing each feature listed. The inspector will examine the roof, doors and windows to see if they are up to code for the age of the home, will document the age and materials of the roof and will list any wind mitigation features present. There are two main reasons why you should have this inspection done: to save on insurance premiums and to aid in the recovery processes if something happens.

Insurance Premiums

To get the best rates and coverage for your homeowner’s insurance, you will need to document the things which make your home more secure against claims. For instance, many insurance companies will give a discount to your premiums if you have a home alarm system. Natural disaster related damage coverage depends on both your location and the insurance company, but you can find qualified wind mitigation Central Florida inspection companies to give you a report on the health of your home during hurricane season and potentially save on your premiums.

Recovery Process

Even if the inspection does not save you money on your monthly premiums, having the report can help you when filing potential claims after a natural disaster. If you do not make any material changes to your home, the report is good for up to five years and gives you a good reference for how your home looked before wind damage occurred. This can help speed up the claims process and can aid your contractor in repairing the damage.

Natural disasters happen on a regular basis and if you live in an area prone to high winds, your insurance company may ask for a wind mitigation inspection. During this process, a professional will inspect any wind mitigation features your home has and documents them with pictures in a report. This report can be used to adjust your insurance premiums and as a guide to repair any damage during the recovery process.

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