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Why You Should Consider a Career in the Railroad Industry

Many people may not realize that working for the railroad remains a viable career option. The railroad industry has various career options with a lot of great benefits — here are some reasons you should consider a career in the railroad industry. 

Learn Varying Skills

Far beyond the image of the conductor in one of those striped hats, there are many other important jobs that often go overlooked. Regardless of your professional background, there’s likely a sector of the railroad industry that would complement your interests. 

For example, if you’re interested in maintenance, you may work with a lot of varying devices, from specialized aligning tools for the tracks to a farm and fleet air compressor. To maintain a smooth operation, upkeep is required on the tracks, the cars, locomotives and at the yards and depots. If you enjoy mechanical repair or welding, the railroad might be the place for you. 

You could even become part of the railroad police force, which helps keep depots and rail yards safe. You won’t be riding a horse alongside the train to jump aboard and stop a train robbery like you see in old westerns, but railroad theft does still happen, and these specialized forces are the ones who handle those cases.

Enjoy Great Benefits 

People working in the railroad industry can receive really great benefits. For example, Union Pacific’s benefits include tuition reimbursement, various employee discounts and medical insurance. 

Union Pacific even goes so far as to offer a benefit called “Milk Stork,” which is a service that delivers breast milk from traveling mothers back to their babies at home.  

Whatever your interests are, you should look into working for the railroad, which is an ever-evolving industry that requires a lot of moving parts. Aside from the varying career paths available, large benefits packages encourage many people to work for this industry. 

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